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  10 More Unusual Sports that You’ve Got to Try

People usually love sports and turn any enjoyable activity into a competitive event. The lists of unusual sports, therefore, keeps on growing and featuring more unusual sports. Even though many of them do not appear in Olympics, they are still popular among their fans, who enjoy their challenges and thrill.
1. Chess Boxing

A few years ago, a new sport emerged on the block called chess boxing. It’s the ultimate combination of a physical and a mental challenge. The game is highly competitive and it is played by two opponents. The chess boxing event consists of 11 rounds: 6 rounds of chess and 5 rounds of boxing. The first round starts with a game of chess that lasts four minutes. Then it is followed by a round of boxing for three minutes, after which another round of chess begins. The World Chess boxing Organization holds 3 to 4 events each year around the world, though the majority take place in Europe and U.S.
2. Snowkiting

Snowkiting allows you to combine the best of two activities: kiting and snowboarding. It’s an extreme sport that allows one to snowboard across the snowy plains of mountains while being propelled by the kite instead of gravity. The sport is very similar to kitesurfing and it allows snowkiters to travel uphill or downhill depending on the direction of the wind.
3. Men’s Rhythmic Gymnastics

Though not officially an Olympic sport, men’s Rhythmic Gymnastics slowly gains popularity. It is a competitive sport that is mainly practiced in Japan and, though it is named Rhythmic Gymnastics, it combines mainly acrobatics and martial arts as opposed to dance and flexibility. Men perform either individually or in groups and are judged based on their strength, power, tumbling ability and martial arts skills.
4. Wife Carrying

This Scandinavian sport is both fun and challenging. It features male competitors racing each other through a series of obstacles while carrying a female partner on their shoulders or back. The female partners have to weigh at least 108 lbs and be carried through a 253 meter track of water, mud and other obstacles. Not only this event has become highly competitive with annual World Championships, but the winner takes home beer worth his wife’s weight.

Source: Wikipedia
5. Geocaching

Geocaching is an outdoor game whereby participants search for hidden treasures using a GPS device. Participants use their GPS devices to track items that have been hidden around the world. They can be hidden underwater, on the street, in the park or any other place of interest. This activity is great for travelers and explorers. If you enjoy the outdoors and traveling, pack your GPS device and start looking for new treasures. You never know what you may discover.

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