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  10 More Unusual Sports that You’ve Got to Try

6. Competitive Eating

Competitive eating is a great way to enjoy your favorite foods while also challenging yourself against a number of competitors. Competitive eating is a serious sport though. Winners can take away thousands of dollars in cash prizes at major events. From hot dogs and hamburgers to chicken wings and taco bells, competitors get to munch and gobble favorite foods and test their eating abilities to new limits.
7. Toe Wrestling

If you like arm wrestling, then you should consider doing  toe wrestling. This is a fun sport that is very popular in the UK. Major competitions, such as World Toe Wrestling Championships, are organized annually and provide competitors with a unique opportunity to beat opponents by wrestling toes. As the name suggests, participants have to take off their shoes and socks, lock their toes together, and attempt to force their opponents’ toes off the rack.
8. Cheese Rolling

Cheese rolling is a fun and entertaining event that takes places annually in Gloucestershire, UK. The purpose of this event is to catch a rolling ball of Double Gloucester cheese down a steep hill. Those who participate get to run 600 feet downhill, tumble, roll and fall on the way, and whoever catches the ball of cheese first wins and gets to take the cheese home as trophy.
9. Rock Paper Scissors

Though not unknown, believe it or not, there are Rock Paper Scissors World Championships. If you happen to be a great player at this game, consider what it might be like to compete at it and beat others. It does not take much to enter a tournament. If you are good at this game, simply sign up for a competition and challenge yourself.
10. Metal Detecting

Treasure hunting, relic hunting and adventure all characterize what metal detecting is. Though this activity is more likely to be a hobby than a real sport, those who engage in it get to use sophisticated metal detecting equipment, go outdoors, learn orienteering and navigation, and, best of all, find hidden treasures like antique coins, jewelry and other items that people have left behind.

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