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  10 Travel Related Diseases to Watch Out For When Traveling  

The Public Health Agency of Canada has published a list of common diseases that travelers occasionally suffer from when they explore the edges of the earth. Below is a list of 10 such common diseases.
Chikungunya is a viral disease that is spread by mosquitos. It results in a fever and an arthritis-like pain the joints. Although it is rarely fatal, there is no specific treatment against the disease and the joint pain may persist for several months. The disease occurs in Africa, Asia and the Indian subcontinent. If you are traveling there, make sure to wear protective clothing against mosquito bites.
2. Cholera

Cholera is an intestinal infection that causes diarrhea and even vomiting. It is often spread by drinking contaminated water and eating contaminated food, such as undercooked meat. The disease can be fatal if left untreated. But with proper precautions it can be avoided altogether.

Commonly spread by mosquitoes, dengue fever causes flu-like symptoms such as high fever, headaches and muscle pain. The disease can be contracted in regions of Central and south America, South East Asia and other subtropical places. Unfortunately, there is no vaccine against the disease.

Hepatitis A is one of the most common diseases that occur in travels. It spreads very easily from person to person and infects the liver causing fever and fatigue among many symptoms. It is common in places with unsanitary food and water sources and spreads through contact.
5.  Malaria

Malaria is a common disease spread by mosquitoes. Malaria-infected mosquitoes are often common in African, Asian and Central American countries. This infection causes fever, headaches, and muscle pain among other symptoms and can be fatal if left untreated. Unfortunately, there is currently no vaccine against Malaria.

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