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  10 Companies that Changed History in the 21st Century

Doing business today is not the same as it used to be a century ago. So much has changed, anywhere from how we communicate to how we trade products. Some of this change was so abrupt as new products emerged, new companies appeared in the playing field, and corporate scandals prompted authorities to change the rules of the game.
1.  Facebook

In an interview with Mark Zuckerberg featured on wired.com, the facebook mastermind has shared his vision for the company.  Facebook is meant to create a world that is more open where people can share information and have open access to it. No doubt this has happened and continues to be so. With more than 500 million users, people of all ages and nationalities flock to the online platform to share their stories and promote their political agendas. And what an interesting read they make! A few minutes on the homepage and you already know what everybody is doing, with whom, where and when. The world has become extra small!
2. Research in Motion

RIM came up with an ingenious device, the blackberry, that changed the way we work, communicate and socialize. Although the company was founded in 1999, it has surged in popularity after 2000. It has shattered communication boundaries, brought work home, and got drivers into trouble for innocently texting a few words. The Telegraph reported that employees work an extra 15 hours a week as a result of owning a blackberry.
3. YouTube

YouTube has definitely had its share in shrinking the world and opening accessibility to information for everybody.  How many times do you watch videos on it? Have you ever uploaded videos of your own? With more than 35 hours of video uploaded every minute according to YouTube Statistics, it’s no wonder that you can find almost any kind of information that you are looking for. There’s no need to pay for expensive tutors in math or worry about missing your favorite show on TV. You can become a discovered artist or discover someone instead. All this information is available for free now.
4.  Apple

Apple’s iPod has transformed how we listen to music, how we purchase it, and how we ultimately use it. The iPod has shaken industries and swept the world with a new way of life. Apple reported that through September 1, 2010, the number of iPods sold was about 275 million units. With such a number, it’s no wonder that online stores selling music at record low prices such as iTunes are flourishing.
5.  Nintendo

Nintendo’s Wii was the first motion-sensing gaming console introduced in mid-2000’s. No other game has so successfully  forced couch-potatoes to step away from the couch and do a physical workout. As was reported in a Wall Street Journal article, this was one of the big successes of the Wii game. It became a fun alternative to going to the gym.

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