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  10 Places to Visit Where You Can See Rare Animals and Plants

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6. Aye Aye in Bristol Zoo in Bristol, U.K.

Aye Aye is a small primate found only on the island of Madagascar. They small creatures of about 1.3 ft in length that spend most of their time on trees. Local superstitions (the Aye Aye is believed to be a death omen) and environmental degradation threaten the Aye Aye to near extinction. Before it goes extinct, however, make sure to visit the Bristol zoo in U.K. Their conservation programs ensures that the Aye Aye can survive in the future.
7. Titan Arum in Olbrich Botanical Gardens, Madison, Wisconsin (U.S.)

Being one of the largest flower in the world, the Titan Arum is a rare flower that blooms only 4 to 5 times during its 40 year life. The flower can reach 3 meters in height and it usually releases a very strong unpleasant smell of rot. The Olbrich Botanical Gardens feature such a flower which bloomed in October 2009. If you are in the area and curious about how this flower looks like (and smells), be sure to visit the gardens in the next bloom.
8.  Chapel-Oak in Allouville-Bellefosse, France

Chapel-Oak is one of the most important and famous trees in France. It is a 800-1200 years old oak tree that became hollow as a result of lightning back in the 17th century. In 1669, two chapels were built into the tree’s trunk and became a holly place that pilgrims visit today. The chapels can be accessed by a staircase.
9. Polar Bears in Wapusk National Park, Manitoba, Canada

When planning your next adventure with your friends, consider
visiting the Wapusk National Park in Canada. In Cree, Wapusk
means “white bear”, and it is not a coincidence that the park is
called so. Wapusk National Park features one of the world’s largest
polar bear denning sites. Their numbers peak in October and early
November as new sea ice begins to form and provide a way for
bears to move along it for food. Make sure to follow safety
practices to ensure that bears don’t hurt you.
10. Narwhals in Newfoundland & Labrador, Canada

Narwhals are often referred to as the unicorns because of their unique appearance and rarity. They are known for their long,helical tusk that extends from their upper left jaw, which is sought after by hunters. Narwhals live only in the arctic ocean which makes them very rare, but sightings are possible during summer months when sea ice melts. The Whalewatcher B & B offers bed-and-breakfast services located some short distance from the Witless Bay Ecological Reserve which is one of the best places to view whales.

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