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  10 Common Phobias and Their Meanings

6.  Claustrophobia

Claustrophobic people are afraid of tight small spaces where they perceive to have no way out. Upon being enclosed in a small space, the intense fear produces a physical reaction that can include light-headedness, breathlessness, sweating, and nausea. According to NYU Langone Medical Center, claustrophobia can be treated by undergoing psychotherapy or taking in medications.
7.  Ophidiophobia

Ophidiophobia is an irrational fear of snakes. Seeing a snake or something related to it may trigger a panic, difficulty in breathing, shaking and a strong desire to run away. Ophidiophobia can be treated well by undergoing therapeutic treatments with professional therapists.
Source: Ophidiophobia
8.  Entomophobia

Entomophobia is an irrational fear of insects which causes physical distress and a strong desire to avoid them. According to University of Sydney and Westmead hospital, this fear arises when people have experienced little contact with various insects and are not used to their presence. Misconceptions about insects, therefore, often exacerbate the symptoms. Like other phobias, Entomophobia can be treated by specialist therapists.
9. Necrophobia

One of the most common fears is necrophobia: fear of death. People suffering from this fear can experience paranoia, anxiety, and intense feelings of dread which can interfere with daily activities. Necrophobia can be triggered by specific traumatic and life-changing events such as car accidents. But it can be treated with proper counseling and therapies.
10. Blood-Injury-Injection Phobia

Blood phobia is an irrational fear of blood, injury and injection. Upon seeing blood or being in a situation where injury or injection are possible, those who suffer from this phobia experience elevated heart rate and blood pressure which sometimes leads to fainting. Since fainting is a relatively common symptom, special treatment may be necessary to treat the phobia.

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