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  10 Annoying Alarm Clocks that will Surely Wake You Up

6.  Defender Covert Alarm Clock

This alarm clock is a multi tool: it can both wake you up and record action. With a built-in camera, this clock is perfect for discreet spying. Make sure nobody knows about it. Otherwise, how you sleep will become the next Internet sensation.
7.  Laser Target Alarm Clock

The Laser Target alarm clock will challenge your motor skills early in the morning. It is a fun clock, but when its alarm goes off, you need to make every effort to aim the laser beam (which accompanies the clock) at the center of the target, which is attached to the clock’s top. The clock is available for purchase at Amazon.
8.  Sonic Bomb Alarm Clock

The Sonic Bomb alarm clock creates a very loud alarm noise that will scare you off your bed. Luckily the noise level is adjustable to a maximum of 113 decibels (a Motorcycle makes about 100 decibels of noise). When you buy your clock, warn your neighbors and your housemates about the extra-noise. Otherwise you will wake them up too.
9. Fire Bell Alarm Clock

If you buy the Fire Bell alarm clock, make sure you don’t mistake its alarm for a real fire alarm. This clock produces the sound of a fire alarm that is going to wake you up immediately. Luckily, it also has a big snooze button to shut off the noise before your neighbors call the fire department.
10. Chicken and the Egg Alarm Clock

A cute alarm clock at first sight, but when it starts buzzing, you are forced to do some manual work. When the alarm goes off, it releases 5 eggs into a basket. The only way to turn the alarm off is to insert all the eggs back into the clock. The clock is relatively large with dimensions of about 15 x 6 x 11 cm. It comes with 5 eggs and a basket. And it is powered by batteries.

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