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  10 Futuristic Innovations that will Boggle Your Mind

6.  Tactile Wand by Jin Woo Han

Those who are visually impaired may have a great solution that helps them overcome their challenges. Jin Woo Han has designed a special device that vibrates in the holder’s hand at different frequencies to signal distance from various objects. The concept is a great one but it is not available commercially yet.
7.  Cooling Collar by Black Ice

There are devices that warm you, and then there are devices that cool you. The cooling collar by Black Ice does just that. It is worn around the neck and produces temperature output of 57F (14 C). The collar lasts for 1.5 hrs with a single charge and can be worn on hot days when you enjoy your favorite activities.
8.  Computer Bracelet by Sony

Sony has come up with a new conceptual design of a computer bracelet using the Organic Light-Emitting Diode (OLED) technology which enables flat, thin and flexible screens to project electronic images. The bracelet promises to feature social networking capabilities and a pull-out keyboard among other things. Although this product is not in the market yet, it is expected to come around by 2020.
9. Honda’s U3-X Personal Mobility Device

Honda has unveiled a small device that is similar to a scooter in idea but with a unique design and technology. The U3-X looks like a one-wheeled seat where the rider sits. The device is very good at holding balance, so the rider doesn’t fall. It is easily maneuvered with a slight change in sitting position. And it is light and compact enough to carry around.
10. Flying Car by Terrafugia

Flying cars are no longer fact of fiction. They are real and they are here. Terrafugia has developed a car that can be transformed into a plane and flown. Called The Transition, the flying car is the ultimate combination of a private aircraft and a car that can be easily parked and driven in the city. If you have a pilot’s licence and enjoy to ride and fly, then this car may be the next toy to buy on Christmas.

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