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  10 Ways to Make Money Online

6.  Moderate Forums

Some forums require moderators to ensure that the forum is run smoothly and without spam. Although many forums ask for volunteer moderators, some forums are willing to pay for the job. If you enjoy reading forums and making comments on them, look for ways to do forum moderation for a fee.
7. Freelance Writing

If you love writing and have something to share with the world, consider marketing yourself as a freelance writer who can write on certain topics. Blogs, online magazines and other online publications may be looking for someone to write a story for them for a fee.
8. Virtual Assistant

Some businesses and individuals need help doing certain tasks such as designing a logo or organize accounting books. As they do not want to hire anyone permanently, they look for someone that can help them make their lives easier and more efficient without a long term commitment. Consider what you can do for them and how you can use online network to promote your services.
9. Sell on ebay

Some people have found it profitable to sell products on eBay. If you have items to trade, eBay is a great source for matching buyers with sellers for all kinds of items.
10. Selling E-Books

If you love to write, why not write a book and sell it online. Some have found the business of selling eBooks very profitable. Certainly, you do not need to write your own book. If you acquire resell rights on certain eBooks, you can use them to resell other people’s work.

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