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  10 Famous Business Schools that have Sustainability Programs

6.  Rotman School of Management, University of Toronto

Among many courses, the Rotman School of Management offers a concentration area in Environment/Sustainable Development. Students get to take courses in areas such as Environmental Accounting and strategies related to corporate citizenship, and have access to a variety of opportunities that enrich learning such as case competitions.
7.  Presidio Graduate School, Alliant International University

Presidio Graduate School offers a full MBA in Sustainable Management. With a rigorous emphasis on environmental issues that plague businesses, the program prepares students to management careers where they can navigate and solve the various sustainability issues.
8. Judge Business School, University of Cambridge

Judge Business School offers a concentration in Energy and Environment. This major is meant to prepare students for dealing with energy and environmental issues. Those interested in solving energy problems will find this program of interest. The program also features a major project where students can pitch their ideas about low carbon investments to a panel of judges.
9. Stern School of Business, New York University

Stern School of Business has a specialization in Social Innovation and Impact. It exposes students to a variety of sustainability topics such as environmental and social sustainability that will be useful in creating strategies for managing for-profit, non-profit and public organizations.
10.  Sauder School of Business, University of British Columbia

In Sauder School of Business, students have the opportunity to study the Sustainability and Business specialization. This program is intended to expose students to sustainability issues in doing business and create the necessary business leadership in sustainability. Those of you who are passionate about the sustainability and wish to combine it with business should find this program of interest.

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