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  10 Annoying Alarm Clocks that will Surely Wake You Up

Waking up in the morning is always tough. Luckily there are solutions out there that will help you wake up even if waking up early is your most difficult challenge. The following alarm clocks display a unique combination of annoyance and cuteness that you won’t be able to resist.
1.  Clocky by Nanda Home

Clocky is a cute alarm clock that is able to fall off the night stand, roll and hide, forcing the sleeper to chase it in order to shut off the alarm. Clocky comes in variety of colors and shapes. Tocky, Clocky’s brother, allows one to record personalized wake-up messages that best wake you up. It can also fall off the  night stand, roll and hide, making a fun gift (and annoying) for your friends and family.
2. Flying Alarm Clock

The Flying Alarm Clock doesn’t actually fly. Instead it has a propeller that does so. Before the shrieking alarm goes off, the propeller detaches and flies away. Your job is to find it and put it back into the clock. Otherwise, the alarm will go off. If you are looking to purchase one, ThinkGeek offers Flying Alarm Clocks for sale.
3. Good Morning Sir Alarm Clock

ThinkGeek offers an interesting alarm clock that talks and wakes you up with different “Jeeves” phrases such as “Good Morning, Sir”. Waking up to the sound of an Englishman is not for everybody. If you are one of those people, this clock will surely wake you up.
4. Jigsaw Puzzle Alarm Clock

The Jigsaw Puzzle alarm clock will really challenge you in the morning. Waking up is hard enough. But waking up and having to solve a Jigsaw puzzle can be brutal. But you don’t have a choice. Once the alarm goes off, the only way to turn it off is to solve the puzzle.
5.  Twist Equation Alarm Clock

If you thought the previous clock was challenging, then the Twist Equation alarm clock will definitely pick your brains. The only way to shut off this clock’s alarm is to solve a math equation by rotating the numerical dials on it. The screen shows how to do it. But early in the morning it may become mission impossible.

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