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  10 Technologically Advanced Fashion Items to Check Out


Technology and electronics have finally appeared in fashion items that can easily be worn. From clothes to shoes, it seems that electronic circuits and other technological marvels have infiltrated every wearable mode.  
1.  Electronic Spy Camera T-Shirt

ThinkGeek sells the ultimate T-Shirt that will help you track down every move that you make. The electronic spy camera t-short has an embedded camera that lets you record and take pictures. If you have ever had a dream of becoming a spy, then this shirt is for you.
2. Electronic Rock Guitar T-Shirt

ThinkGeek also carries a t-shirt that allows you to make some music! The electronic rock guitar t-shirt has embedded button cords and a mini amp speaker that can be clipped to the belt. Luckily, all these electronic components can be easily removed when you need to wash your shirt.
3. Twirkle T-Shirt by CuteCircuit

CuteCircuit has created the Twirkle t-shirt with embedded LEDs lights which glow following the movement of the wearer. The shirt has sensors to sense the movement and a rechargeable battery to power the lights. If you ever wanted to look glamorous, now you have the perfect item to wear.
4.  Galaxy Dress by CuteCircuit

CuteCircuit has also created the Galaxy Dress. With 24,000 LEDs lights, the dress does not overheat and consumes very little electricity.  It is also designed to work with iPod batteries which keep the dress charged for about 30 minutes.
 5.  Patch that Eliminates Odors by Odegon
It seems that Odegon has come up with a brilliant alternative to deodorants. It has created a patch that can be sewn into a clothing garment and help absorb body odors. The patch also lasts for as long as the garment, provided it is washed regularly and taken care of.

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