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  10 Technologically Advanced Fashion Items to Check Out

6.  Maplin’s Self-Heating Electric Waistcoat

A self-heating electric waistcoat is available for sale on Maplin’s website. It’s useful item if you need to spend time outdoors in chilly weather. The waistcoat heats up to 40 degrees Celsius in 5 minutes and is rechargeable by batteries.
7.  SleepPhones Headphones

SleepPhones are headphones embedded inside a head band that is worn like a regular head band. The only twist is that they play music and help you relieve stress! Music can be downloaded and listened to when you got to sleep. The SleepPhones are washable and they don’t fall off when you lie in bed.
8.  Snow Goggles with Camera by Liquid Image

Liquid Image has created snow goggles with an embedded camera that allows you to ski and snowboard while taking pictures and videos of your action. The Summit Series HD 1080p are a pair with a 136 degree wide camera lens that will allow you to capture your best moments down the hill. The photos and videos can be downloaded into a computer.
9. GPS Shoes by GTX Corp.

GTX Corp. has created a pair of shoes with an embedded GPS tracker. The GPS tracker relays information about the whereabouts of the wearer to a special location which can be accessed via cell phone or online by authorized users. This type of shoe is especially useful to those who become lost easily such as Alzheimer patients. So, if you have a friend or family member who could benefit from wearing the shoe, this product might be of interest to you.
10. iPad Running Shoes by Nike and Apple

Nike and Apple introduced a shoe that can embed an iPod sensor in it which links back to an iPod and helps the wearer track his/her movement and exercise progress. Once the wearer completes the workout, the iPod sends the workout data to nikeplus.com where one can see the detailed progress of the exercise.

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