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 10 Popular Marathons that You Want to Follow or Even Participate In

  7. Scotia Bank Toronto Waterfront Marathon

A major international event with about 22,000 participants, the Scotia Bank Toronto Waterfront Marathon is a world-class event that has won the “best Marathon” award from Get Out There magazine. Venue record is held by Kenneth Mungara from Kenya who set the time in 2010 at 2:07:58. The race starts on University Avenue and finish at the heart of downtown Toronto at Bay and Queen street.
8.  Philadelphia Marathon

The Philadelphia Marathon involves 23,000 participants who race through  historic sites and streets of the city. The marathon starts and finishes on Ben Franklin Parkway and features cash prizes to the top 5 male and female finishers. The course record was set in 2003 by Joseph Nderitu at 2:16:47 and since then runners from around the world have tried to match it.
9. Big Sur International Marathon

More than 12,000 runners from different countries participate
in this challenging annual event which was named into U.S.
Top three marathons by Runner’s World. It was also named
as the most scenic marathon as its course passes through
spectacular landscapes in California. The course record
was set back in 1987 by Brad Hawthorne at 2:16:39 and it
still stands today. The only downside for this event is that it
is not a Boston qualifying event yet. But there are plans to
make it so soon!
10. GoodLife Fitness Toronto Marathon

More than 10,000 runners from different countries annually compete at the GoodLife Fitness Toronto Marathon, which also helps in raising funds for charities. The fastest time ever recorded in this event was set in 2000 at 2:15:17 by Moroccan Damaoui El Mostafa. Since then, not many have come close to breaking this record. Every year, the top three finishers receive cash prizes for their performance, while every finisher receives a medal for their efforts.

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