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  10 Jaw-Dropping Mega construction Projects Around the World

Throughout history, people have always shown great ingenuity and creativity, from building the pyramids of Cairo to landing men on the moon. The following list showcases the latest jaw-dropping mega creations, some of them still under construction. When they are completed, they will be an awe-inspiring sight for all to enjoy.
1. The Palm Islands Trilogy in Dubai

The Palm Islands trilogy is a group of artificial islands in Dubai, each shaped like a palm, that were created to house residential communities and commercial infrastructure. Each archipelago was created by dredging the sand from the bottom of the ocean.
2. The World in Dubai

The world is another of Dubai’s great creations. It is an artificial archipelago of small islands constructed in the shape of the world map, with each island designating a country/continent, using a sand dredging technique. The project proves to be very expensive and is still under construction, and there are concerns that the islands are sinking. The World was created to house luxury villas and tailor-made hotels which attracted much interest from wealthy investors and buyers. Whether The World will officially open is unknown. However, it is one jaw-dropping mega construction project.
3. Makassar Trans Studio World Indoor Theme Park, Indonesia

Trans Studio World Indoor Theme park is the world’s third largest indoor theme park, located in Makassar. It was built on an area of 12.7 hectares and includes 15 various rides, entertainment facilities, shops, restaurants, hotels and a mall. The entrance to the park costs about US$11 but it doesn’t include all the rides. Some rides have to be paid for separately.
4. Jakarta Tower, Jakarta City, Indonesia

Indonesia is also building the tallest free standing tower in the southeast Asia. The Jakarta Tower, once completed, will stand 558 m tall and will house a variety of facilities such as a rotating restaurant, an elevator for observation, office space, and a condominium.
5. Dubai International Airport Terminal 3

Dubai International Airport’s terminal 3 is the largest building by floor space, handling over 20 million passengers a year. The $4.5 billion construction project resulted in excavation of 10 million cubic meters of earth and over 1,500,000 squared meters of space. The building includes first and business class lounges, bed-chairs, and magnificent arrival halls to name a few.

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